Then She Fell

While I was in New York, I had the chance to go see the set of Then She Fell, a play that is produced by Third Rail Projects, which my sister is the assistant stage manager for. It’s an immersive theatre piece based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. There are only 15 audience members per show, so rather than sit and watch a show on a stage, you move between rooms to see scenes between the characters. I didn’t have a chance to actually see the show, but my sister gave me a tour of the sets, and I wanted to share some photos here. Keep on reading to see the entire photo set.

The first room I saw was this closet filled with gears and clocks. The huge gear on the left actually turns!

This lamp was cut out of metal, and it was so pretty.

The inside view of the lamp.

The Mad Hatter’s hat shop.

I kind of wanted to try this on.

These papers were piled up a foot high on the floor of a closet that was wallpapered with various writing from Lewis Carroll.

The show is located in an old hospital, so a lot of the rooms are already creepy on their own even without all of the set decoration.

I loved this wallpaper in the tea party room.

I hope you liked seeing these photos, and if you’re in New York, be sure to check out Then She Fell (and let me know how it was!). And stay tuned for a few more blog posts of photos I took while I was in New York!

  • Hi Karen, this is the first time am checking on to ur blog. Actually one of my friend suggested to go through the blog to find my creative mind a direction. I don’t knw hw creative or talented i am, but he thinks i got some. Anyways tat’s hw i ended up reading ur blog and this is th first one i read. I loved the pics u took, the frames. It’s beautiful..

  • Zelda

    Great pictures! I saw the show last night, and these pictures were a nice reminder of the wonderful detail work in the design of the piece!