Chelsea Market

I’ll have new blog posts soon all about my Christmas crafting as well as my trip to LA this weekend for the Wonderly summit, but for now, I realized I still have one more set of photos from New York that I have to post! One day, between shooting my Project for Awesome video at charity: water and getting a tour of Google, I had some time to kill, so I wandered around the Chelsea Market, which is a mall that has a crazy cool industrial, factory feel inside. I don’t know exactly what the building used to be, but it’s not like any mall I had been in before, and I just had to document it.

I love the heavy iron branding around the elevators.

The elevators which were themselves super cool.

The typography on most of the signs was just as nice, and perfectly fit the decor.

Same with the ATM signs – I love typography cut out of heavy duty metal!

This light actually spun around slowly – it’s like a steampunk disco ball.

I love this wayfinding sign, which gives a lot of information in a way that’s easy to read and perfectly matches the building.

Is that a jail cell next to the elevator? Is that where they put anyone caught shoplifting?

This clock is gorgeous…I want one to hang from my own ceiling.

And then there was a bright red-lit waterfall, which was actually really pretty. Much cooler than the cheesy fountains found in most malls.

The handwritten signs in this grocery store were gorgeous as well.

I hope you liked this virtual photo tour of the Chelsea Market. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re going to be in New York anytime soon (even if only to get out of the cold!). Be sure to keep checking back to this blog for Christmas posts as well as some information about what Wonderly could possibly be!

  • That looks amazing. I’ll definitely put it on my list for future New York trips.

    • heyy your name is the same as the author of this blog. :D