Cool Places in Los Angeles

Before my week at YouTube NextUp, I spent a few days in Los Angeles with Robyn Schneider, and we got up to a ton of fun adventures. Check out some of my favorite places we went to in the photos after the jump!

The first morning, we got breakfast at Graffiti, a gorgeous coffeeshop where the interior is entirely black and white and you can get fonuts, or donuts that are baked rather than fried. It’s a bit pricey so it’s not someplace I’d go every day, but for one visit, it was really cool.

After breakfast, we went thrift store shopping at Crossroads and then other random shops nearby. I only wish my luggage wasn’t so full already so that I could have gotten more new clothes!

We had lunch at Sycamore Kitchen, where I wish I could come back every day so I could try everything on the menu and every single pastry. Robyn and I ended up splitting the Double B-LTA and chocolate hazelnut cookies, which tasted like cookie-textured Nutella.

After lunch we stopped at this strange flea-market type store, which had the most random assortment of paraphernalia. Obviously my favorite part was their huge collection of 3D letters.

And of course, the superhero-painted mannequins, because, why not?

And then on Sunday, we stopped at a flea market where I didn’t take too many photos, but I did love these small terrariums and these framed paintings displayed on the steps. I had an great few days in LA, and stay tuned for a write-up and video about YouTube NextUp, the real reason I was down there!

  • Laurie6977

    Congrats on “next up”! I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and always enjoy them. I’m taking a typography class right now and today we had to watch this College Humor video on Fonts. You’ve probably seen it already, being you have your finger on the pulse of all things You Tube, but just in case you haven’t, here’s the link: