Madewell Catalog Inspiration

I’m not entirely sure how I got on the mailing list for the Madewell catalog, since I’ve never actually bought anything from the store, but I’m glad I did, because the catalog I got in the mail is just beautiful. I had to take some photos of my favorite spreads to share the design inspiration with all of you!

You guys know I can’t resist black and white in huge, beautiful type. I love the balance of big and little text on this spread.

The typography details in this catalog are perfect, such as the info text following the diagonal created by the purses in this photo.

I love this graphic pattern created by the colorful shoes.

Once again, the text on the left page is just perfectly laid out. And I love the simple typography on this pull out card, which I actually want to keep, unlike most magazines where I just want to rip up the inserts so they stop falling out everywhere.

Polaroid grids can easily feel cliched, but the photo frames on this spread are so unique that I just love this layout.

And finally, a little reminder on the back about the coupon that’s inside, which would definitely have made me open this catalog up even if I wasn’t so in love with the design. Also, I must own those shoes. This will happen. Maybe.

Let me know if you liked this quick design inspiration post and if you want me to do more in the future, rather than just always talking about my own work. Thanks for reading!

  • Priya Gupta

    I really enjoyed this! Now I’m probably going to sign up for the Madewell catalog just so I can lust after all of the gorgeous-ness.

  • Guest

    I would love for you to do more of these posts in the future. I appreciate how you talk about the spreads without using unnecessary design jargon like a lot of designers do! xo

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