Josh Sundquist Thumbnails

Recently I designed two thumbnails for popular video blogger Josh Sundquist, and I wanted to share them here with you all. The first is for a video Josh made where you can get a character named after you in his next book, and the second is for his Oscars for Math Nerds video, where he shares hand-drawn infographics all about the Oscars.

The main challenge of this graphic was modifying a photo of a graphing calculator to look like it was made of gold. If it was always going to be seen full size, I probably would have pushed it further, but for a small thumbnail, I think it looks fairly convincing. I also had fun with the cheesy lens flares, which I rarely ever get to use, but when I have a legitimate reason, I just go crazy with them.

Thumbnails are really fun to design, and I love making them both for my own videos and other people’s videos. If you’d like to commission me to design thumbnails for your videos, feel free to send me an email at! In the meantime, check out the two videos by Josh below, and be sure to subscribe if you like his channel!