Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2014

You guys keep asking me for it so here it is – the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2014. This was originally inspired by the Charlie McDonnell video Don’t Break the Chain back in 2012, and it’s a pretty simple idea. Basically, for each calendar that you print out, choose one activity that you want to do every day (or every other day or once a week or whatever you want) and mark off on the calendar every day that you manage to complete it. Eventually, you’ll have such a long chain that you won’t want to skip a day and thus, break the chain. Keep reading to download the PDF of this year’s calendar.

This year, I decided to keep the design essentially the same as last year, but offer it in several different colors. Now, if you want to have multiple calendars going at once, you can color code them to easily keep track of which is which.

If you used these calendars last year and managed to keep a chain going for the entire year, send me a picture on Twitter or Tumblr. I’d love to see!

Here are the downloads, three in color, and one in black, in case you only have a black and white printer.

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Good luck with your chains this year. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more graphic design things like this!

  • Emily Marie

    I love this idea! I just printed one off and I’m going to use it to remember to practice my piano! This is great!

  • Maria

    Love this idea! I will use this to practice my art and (hopefully) exercise LOL

  • Anonymous

    “don’t break the chain” has been around for a really long time, so charlie isn’t really an inventive mind behind the idea. love the designs. thanks for the downloads karen. [:

    • Brenda

      I think in his original video he didn’t take credit for the idea, but instead stated how it was a tool that he used to motivate himself. This is why it is inspired by him.

      • Anonymous


        • george

          He says in the video that Jerry Seinfeld is where he got the idea from.

          • NagitoKomaeda

            He says he got it from the internet and the internet got it from Jerry.

  • Love the designs! Printing the green one now. Activity: Writing, 1 hour.

  • jessica

    thank god, I thought you weren’t going to make another one and I was super sad! the “don’t break the chain” things I started last year are just taking off now, so I wanted to have some of your beautiful calendars to use. :)

  • Gokul Anil

    I have never heard of this. This seems like a great idea!

  • Carla

    Will you be making this for 2014? I love this design and concept!

    • Carla

      Sorry I meant 2015…

  • Emily

    This is great! Thank you for this. :)

  • Sam

    Really awesome, it helped me a lot last year ! Thanks for posting it again for 2014 !!!!! :D

  • Suchita

    Thank you so much for this!

  • Amy

    love this idea! thanks for putting it together.

  • carazo96

    Yay!! I’ll give them a chance

  • Maureen

    Wow i just saw this! I’ve been really disorganized lately , i’ll try this out and see if i get back right on track :)

  • Anonymous

    this concept is behind the enormously prolific writing process for Jerry Seinfeld. Read about it just today, gonna do it!! Love the visual motivator.

  • stevedavis13

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  • Ashley

    I love this design, thank you Karen!
    After I printed these I found out that you’ve organised it with the weeks to start on Sunday, which is very counter-intuitive for me. Because of this I’d like to make a suggestion / request for the 2015 edition: a version in which Monday is the first day of the week (alongside the Sunday first version of course).
    Best wishes! :)

    • Erin

      Yes, please! This would be amazing.

    • monksi

      I live in the middle east and our week starts on Sunday :D

    • 2015 with Monday first would be awesome!

  • Marjolein

    Dear Karen,

    I love these calendars! I really hope you will be making them again next year. :)
    Have you ever considered making them with Monday as the first day of the week as well? Because that is quite common in Europe (where I’m at!).
    Thank you for making these!

  • Samantha Evans

    Lovely colours! I’m heading to a calendar printing shop in Los Angeles this weekend, do you already have free printable calendar for 2015?

    calendar printing Los Angeles

  • Dulan

    Have you done the 2015 calendar template done yet?

  • Kimberly Moore

    Are you going to make forms for 2015?

  • Yvette Ealy