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Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2015

You guys have been asking for it (literally it’s the most asked question I get all year long) and today it’s here – the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2015! However, this year I’m doing things a little differently. In the past I’ve always just given away a free PDF of the calendar here on my blog, and I’m still going to be doing that, but I’m also offering an 11×17 poster version which you can buy on DFTBA! Keep reading for the link to the free printable and to learn more about the poster above.

I wanted the highest amount of people to learn about the 2015 calendar (so you’ll all stop asking me about it, haha), so I featured it in a new video on my channel. In the video I also talk about a new book that my design work is featured in and some new craft supplies I got from Fiskars.

This year when I was designing the calendar, I wanted to go in a slightly different direction, since the past calendars have always been a pretty standard calendar, and not anything too unique. So this year, I rearranged the placement of the months so that they form one solid block, so that the “chain” you create as you mark off the days becomes way more evident.

If you want to download the free PDF of the calendar, you can do so right here:
Download the PDF

However, if you want to buy the 11″x17″ color version, you can get that for $8 here on DFTBA. It’s printed on matte paper so it’s easy to write on, and it’ll begin shipping in about a week.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and I’ll have a lot more posts coming out soon, with all the work I’ve been doing for the Project for Awesome. I hope you all have a very productive year with your unbroken calendars!