DIY Letters made from Coffee Stirrers – Easy Room Decor

Today on HGTV Handmade, I’m showing you how to make these easy, inexpensive letter decorations out of coffee stirrers! Keep reading to watch the full DIY video!

I came up with this idea when I was thinking about popsicle stick boxes that we all used to make as kids. This is the exact same concept, only making a letter shape instead of a square!

I love that you can make this craft basically for free if you have a bottle of glue on hand and if you grab some extra coffee stirrers every time you go to a coffeeshop. And it’s so versatile that you can make any letter that you like!



Of course I couldn’t just make one letter – I had to make an ampersand too. With this one, I showed how you can paint the sticks to make it a fun color and how you can attach an internal shape for more complicated letters.

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