DIY Piggy Bank made from a Book – 2 Ways!

Today on HGTV Handmade, I’m showing you how to make a piggy bank out of a book 2 ways! Keep reading to learn how to do it!

The easy way to do this project is to get a book box from the craft store. This is a cardboard box that looks like a book, but opens up so you can keep things in it.


All you have to do is cut a slot on the top of the book box and line it with washi tape, and then you’ve made a piggy bank!

This is an easy way to save up all your coins, and to keep your money hidden if you put in on your bookshelf with all your other books.

Alternatively, you can make a piggy bank out of an actual hardcover book! This is similar to the book safe I showed you how to make last year.



All you have to do is hollow out the book and line it with cardboard. Then add a piece of cardboard with a slot at the top, decorate it however you like, and you’ve made a piggy bank out of a book!


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