DIY Holographic Room Decor CRAFT FAIL

Today I’m sharing an epic story of my attempted holographic room decor that turned into a major craft fail. To be honest, I probably could have used selective beauty shots to try to present this as a win, but I couldn’t do that to you guys, since I know in my heart that this project is garbage. But I think the story is funny, so keep reading to hear the entire saga!

I got this cactus and pineapple for $10 each at Michaels and I wanted so badly for this project to work, but it just did not.


I wanted the holographic powder to look super sparkly, but it just looked gray and really sad until I shone light directly onto it.


The holographic effect that I got from the nail polish is actually alright – it just took hours and hours to get there after the nail polish reacted with the spray paint and caused some sort of chemical reaction!


I hope you guys liked this story, and be sure to check out my Craft Fails video from a few weeks ago for even more stories of DIYs gone wrong!