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LeakyCon Designs Part 2

(LeakyCon staff with the Starkids!)

Ever since LeakyCon last July, I’ve been meaning to put up a blog post with all the design work I did for the conference that I didn’t cover in my previous LeakyCon post. Well, we’re only about three months late, so let’s get to it. I’m not covering every little graphic I did for the conference, but below I’ve detailed my three main projects.

(Click to see the maps larger)

My biggest project was designing the maps of the hotel’s convention center and vendor room for the programming book. The challenge here was bringing in decorative elements to make it flow with the rest of the book, while still keeping it readable and useful. I had never been to the hotel before, so I really just had to use my best judgement on how much detail to include from the original map that the hotel provided. Overall though, I think both maps were quite successful aesthetically, and I hope they were useful to people trying to navigate the conference!

Another project I worked on was completing the library of icons for the mobile app. Jordan designed the first batch and I picked up the rest, seen above, as the deadline for submitting the app grew nearer. The icons still needed to be readable when they were only about 50 pixels tall, so while it was tempting to put in a ton of detail, they really needed to be kept simple. Overall though, I think the icons were a nice custom touch for the app. My favorite icon is still Signings, in that the “Jo” could be taken to mean either Jo Rowling or John Green, who did actually do a signing at LeakyCon.

I also became the go-to person for intros and outros for various LeakyCon videos. It was awesome seeing the intro I designed on the big screen as part of the opening ceremonies video. And the intro and outro for the LeakyCon Ball video just added a nice finishing touch to the beautifully edited video of the event.

I have to say, LeakyCon was one of the best conventions I’ve attended, and I’m so honored to have been a part of the staff for it. Everyone who helped to make it happen was fantastic and incredibly talented, and these designs were only one small part of tons of people’s work and effort. I really can’t wait to work with everyone again on LeakyCon 2012. See you guys there!