Guess Who: Doctor Who Edition

A few months ago I had an idea – what if there was a Doctor Who version of the classic game Guess Who? It seemed too obvious to not have been done before, but all I could find was this t-shirt design, not a high-quality custom version of the game. And so, I ordered a copy of the game off of eBay and then spent a weekend painting the pieces and designing new cards and putting the whole thing together. Check out the mock commercial I put together below, also the making-of blog post with free downloads of the card designs!

I thought about making all of the cards just different versions of the Doctor, but in the end, I decided to try to make the set look as authentic as possible, as if it had actually been released by the BBC, by using all of the main characters and the official promo shots to represent them. Now I’m just wondering how many comments I’ll get asking where to buy one!

I had fun painting the scoring pegs to look like the sonic screwdriver. And the green pops so nicely next to the dark blue board!

I couldn’t resist including one of my favorite characters, Wilfred Mott, especially after I found this beautiful photo of him in his reindeer hat!

The character cards have Gallifreyan writing in the background! They’re meant to look as if they had appeared on the Doctor’s psychic paper.

I designed the entire box as well. The design is meant to be fairly cheesy and very commercial, but I think it adds a nice finishing touch to the whole package.

When you’re done playing, everything packs up neatly back in the box.

Thanks so much for reading and checking out my custom Doctor Who Guess Who set! Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss future videos, and be sure to check out the making-of blog post with free downloads of all of the cards!

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  • Aviatrix Flyer

    Well done Karen! Looking forward to the downloads. However, I’ve never heard of the original game, is it easily available?

  • This is GREAT!! Thank you so much for sharing and for sharing the custom cards. I will attempt to make one for my husbands birthday in Oct.

  • Marlee Maslove

    This is amazing!! I would totally buy the set if you were selling it, but I guess I’ll have to download your cards and then get one of my artistic friends to do the rest XD
    You are awesome, Karen. DFTBA

  • Jasmine Pugh

    Wilfred is also one of my favourite characters too!!! I love this game. I wouldnt be surprised if you get asked to do thisfor real by the BBC :)

  • Mr Roche

    You rock, Ms. Kavett!

  • Shannon

    You need to sell this! Or talk to the Doctor Who people about making this real. Genius.

  • I want to buy this now. You should sell it, or open up an etsy store or something!

  • This needs to be a mass produced game. I know so many people who would love this! I’d definitely buy it.

  • Sarah

    Can I just say you’re like my favourite person ever?

  • Taylor

    I think you should make these and sell them! Like on etsy. You could make good money.

  • Kate

    … but this HAS been done before earlier in the year. It was all over tumblr.

  • Martina

    This has definitely been done before and it’s rude not to credit the person who did it first.

    • Anonymous

      If they didn’t find it, how can they credit.

    • Wigglespeed Turbo

      Yes, the creator of the set should credit a person that was impossible to find for an original idea and a custom set. You should also give credit to the flying spaghetti monster for your pasta and pray to Buddha whenever you make noodles

  • T Laine

    Itt might be hard to ask some questions though. Like, what are the questions to ask if you’re a weeping angel? “Are you made of stone?” “Yes!

  • JacK

    To people moaning that it’s been done before – how is she supposed to know that? Just ecause you spend all day trawling Tumblr doesn’t mean other people do. It’s a brilliant version anyway!

  • zeza

    I cried. Give. Me. Now.

  • This is awesome. So is the ampersand necklace. And pretty much everything you’ve posted/designed/shared. Rock on.

  • Anonymous

    So…how much?  Please sell it!  I was googling, looking for different editions of Guess Who. I’ve never had it, but don’t want the classic but am bummed to find there don’t seem to be other editions sold.  You’d think there’d be US Presidents or Celebrities or something.

  • The designs are too good. I would like to know how you made this and its process. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Ohyeagirl1111

    Ermergerd!!!! I NEEEDS!!!!! Pleese sell these!!!!

  • MK

    I would really like to buy this game. I just recently got into Doctor Who and I would love to get this with my birthday money.

  • Sarah Christina Sherman

    This needs to be real!!! So amazing, great job!!!

  • tlr

    I want this!!!!! Is there a way for this to be sold or will there be copy right or infringement issues?

  • cask

    really well done, i want to own this

  • Mandar

    I JUST bought a game with the intention to do this, and you’ve given me EXCELLENT direction! Mine would have been admittedly terrible, but now I feel better about how it’ll end up!

  • Nicole Roberts

    This. is. so. AWESOME!!!! I totally want to buy one now, please open up an etsy store and sell them, you’d make a fortune

  • Lexi Marshall

    I would spend so much money on this. Make more, please.

  • Hedgekitty

    Can i buy this somewhere?

  • OliveDrWho

    It has been done before but not as well as this version

  • I was so in love with this, I decided to adjust this to German game measurements and rebuild it for my best friend. If anyone else wants to do this, here you go:

  • Nikki

    Now I want one!

  • Suzzette Kandler

    Make me one now!!!

  • Cameron Mathies

    You should make and sell it. You could just do custom orders.