Making of Guess Who: Doctor Who Edition

Earlier this week I posted about the custom Doctor Who edition of a Guess Who set that I put together. But, how did I go about making it? To find out, check out the video above and the many photos below, and be sure to scroll through the whole post for links to download the card designs!

I began with a Guess Who set that I bought off of Ebay, since I wanted the older version from the 90s that I grew up with, and not the newer version that they sell now.

The first step was to separate out all of the pieces and then get to painting.

The painting took a while since there were a lot of nooks and crannies to cover, and I needed to put on about three coats of TARDIS blue paint to be sure the boards were covered evenly.

After painting the boards, I painted the scoring pegs to look like mini sonic screwdrivers.

Next I designed, printed, and cut out the cards that go into the board. If you’d like to print your own set, you can download the PDFs of the cards here:
Board Cards
Board Cards backs

You’ll want to print them on cardstock or a similarly heavy paper, and be sure to print the back design on the back of the page that you print the cards on. The back design is just one continuous texture so you don’t have to worry about lining up the front and back of the pages exactly.

Next come the character cards. I tried to design them to look like they were on the Doctor’s psychic paper. If you’d like to print out your own set, you can download the PDF here:
Character Cards

And the last step is the box. Above you can see the original design for the box, and below is my Doctor Who version.

To actually assemble the box, I first painted the edges of the box black so that the darker design I was printing wouldn’t have ugly white gaps where the sides didn’t exactly line up.

Next I used regular school glue to glue down the design. I had to print the longer designs in two parts since I didn’t have 18-inch paper, but the seam isn’t too noticeable.

And that’s all there was to it! I’d say that was a very good way to spend a weekend, and I hope you all enjoyed learning about how I put it together. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter or Tumblr, and stay tuned to this blog for more crafty projects like this in the future!

If you missed the precursor to this post, you can check out the main post about the Doctor Who Guess Who set right here and the mock commercial I made for it right here! Thanks so much for reading!

  • Seriously, this is too much awesome, Karen. Thanks for making this stuff available to download. :)

    -Kiera Jo

  • I NEED this.

  • I’m SO making this.

  • abbey

    i want to make a harry potter version of this :)

  • Aviatrix Flyer

    Thank You for sharing this awesome project!!!

  • John

    This is really awesome! I love it! But did you know that you spelt “Ninth” wrong on the character cards? Just thought I’d let you know :)

  • Lilly F.

     OMG. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your material! :D

  • TanyaS

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Brilliant!!

  • Thank you so much for the downloadables!! Beautifully done!! :)

  • Joanna Ryther

    This was my favorite game growing up- I need to make this!  It looks awesome, thanks for sharing your work!

  • I seriously thought this was a real thing I could purchase. I just might go make one myself now!

  • Hisfave

    My hubby is going to love this i’m going to make it for him for x-mas this year thank goodness I work at a copy shop 

  • Melissa Jones

    I want one!!!! This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adrienne

    excellent work!!!  thanks for sharing!!!

  • You could totally make these and sell them somewhere!  This is great!

  • You could sell these somewhere.  This is awesome.

  • I’m so doing this to my Guess Who bored

  • Unbelievable!

  • how did you make the tiny dalek?

    • Holly Marie Walker

      i think the small red dalek is actually a Desktop Dalek from like or something. it runs around and talks and has sensors that prevent it from falling off a tabletop and stuff.

  • how did you make the tiny dalek?

  • Ali

    I love this idea! As a HUGE fan of all things Who I think it would make an excllent editon to my home game library. (my children and husband think this is awesome as well!) Do you happen to have the covers to the outside of the box available for downloading as well? I think your design is so perfect!

  • Holy Who. This is brilliant!

  • Danica

    What photoshop software did you use? 

  • The Doctor

    Inspired by you I just made my own. Thanks so much

  • Wietske

    I just bought a Guess Who game, so I can make a Doctor Who edition :)

  • Jo Chalmers

    Hi, Do you have the design for the box too? (as you did for the cards) Also do you have cars in an editable format as there are other characters that my son likes tooI woud like to try to make this for my son for Christmas. Thanks.

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  • That is the coolest thing ever.

  • Amanda Rose

    You just made me the best sister in the world! im so doing this for my sister shell love it. 

  • Nicki

    This is fantastic! Is there anyway you could post a link to printing the box covers?

    what kind of paint did you use?

    • Aaron Vinson

      just click the pictures above and download them. They are the correct size for the box used in the example.

  • i cant find a guess who like the one u used…where can i find one?

    • Princess Seven

      ebay for just over $25

  • Marisa

    Yaaay! Thank you soooo much! Luckily my mom saved my old Guess Who game so I was able to make one myself! It looks amazing!!

    • Lucy

      How did you get the pictures for the box?

      • Aaron Vinson

        The pictures in the post are the pictures you need. Just click and download them.

        • Princess Seven

          the sizes when I downloaded em are wrong and I even took it to be printed on larger paper and they couldn’t do it so would be helpful to have a box print with the right sizes somehow

  • Savvy

    this is AMAZING! I so would love to do this project!!!!

  • Twinkeyrocks

    I made a version of this for my sister for Christmas and she loved it! Thank you so much for doing this and giving us all the links to the patterns!

  • Yunieyuna2002

    This is wonderful!  You have a special talent and will/should go far in your career!

  • Sophie

    This is really awesome, I’d definitely buy a set (:

  • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing project with us and for letting us download your designs. I’m sharing this on my blog today in honor of the return of series 7 this weekend. Would love for you to stop by & say hello!

  • It is just amazing. Excellent thought. It seems to be very interesting. Children love it. Nice designs.

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  • Absolutely brilliant!

  • alex

    do you sell them if yes then tell me how much they cost

  • Kasibel

    In Germany the “Guess Who” or “Wer ist es?” looks really different, not just the newer one but also the old one. Instead of a 8×3 rows here it is 6×4 and the box is a square. Also the retainers look a bit different. So I hope I can copy your design. I post pictures of my design

    • M

      We have that same one here in Ireland too.

    • Princess Seven

      use the normal guess who cards size pdf and just cut them down top white line and then under the words and u can gauge the sides by using a normal card to cut around. I have this version also and have the cards done and paint on the board but can not get the box to print out correct and I have both sets myself the original and can not get that to work either.

  • This is magnificent! I am working on making this, but I found myself with a different edition of the Guess Who board game, so I have so make adaptations. :-) I’ll post a photo, with a link back to you, this weekend. Thanks!

  • MrJimiTheFish

    This is brilliant!

  • If you were to put this up on Etsy, you could probably make a mint.

  • This is really awesome my son and I are gonna try it!!

  • Lily

    Oh that’s brilliant! I want one!

  • The Creator

    I’d certainly buy one of these, is there any way you could sell me a copy or something? You could sell them for around $35 or so. Please get back to me. I’m planning a party for the 50th anniversary and I’d love to have one of these as a game

  • Emery

    I love it! I want to do this so bad!

    I also love that you were using Charlie McDonnell (Or Chameleon Circuits) song in the background. That made me happy. :3

  • Anonymous

    I love this, A Harry Potter edition would be pretty awesome too ><

  • Lucy

    Is there a way to get the designs for the box?

  • Aaron Vinson

    Hey Karen this was an amazing inspiration. So I didn’t have the old Guess Who, but I did have the new version that is on shelves now. Ever the cheap skate/lazy man I didn’t want to go out and get the old one so I just modified the new one, took your card design and modified it to fit into the new one as well. In the spirit of your original design I decided to post the results here.

    The photos of the result of the painting job is below, and the pdf of the card insert is here:

    I have become a bit inspired and may make more card inserts with different characters. So stay tuned.

    • Sheryl Bo-Ba

      That looks great!

    • Anonymous

      you should paint the little doors to look like the front of the tardis

  • Sheryl Bo-Ba

    It would be so great to have Clara in the mix! :P

  • Gracie

    What kind of paint did you use for sonic screwdrivers, especially the metallic part? :) Thanks!

    • Nny

      That is not part of her custom set, that’s just a sonic screwdriver she bought.

      • Jena Marie DiPinto

        Gracie means the sonic screwdriver score pegs, not the actual prop sonic screwdriver. It’s a valid question.

  • Princess Seven

    I found the original on ebay and bought it but have the newer version too would love to make my own cards what did you use for this and by the way office max will print up to 19inches on pdf format so dont even have to print it myself. Am using this a child prize for the doctor who 50th anniversary fun run I organised got the medals and race bibs done just doing the prizes now.

  • Jessica

    This is great! It was nice of you to make this video. I would play the heck out of this Guess Who version. P.S. where did you get your awesome spaceship t-shirt? I don’t think I can live without it. :)

  • Nora Olsen

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rachele Reyna

    Have you tried to sell this to a game company? I think there are a lot of Whovians who would go nuts to buy it.

  • Nichole Jones

    You are so amazingly talented! Thank you so much for posting this, can’t wait to see how I can get this to turn out. I just purchased the old Guess Who game and am looking forward to trying this…. Thank you again! =)

  • Jena Marie DiPinto

    Just picked up the correct version at Goodwill today for $2. Can’t wait to dig in! :)

  • Chryssta

    Be nice if you could mass produce this.

  • anon

    Is there a better picture of the master? he looks a little….odd in that photo

  • Lisette

    You Rock! love love love this. one tiny little problem, Ninth is spelled wrong on the character cards for the ninth dr. any chance of a corrected card download?

  • Angelie Macabare

    This is FANTASTIC!

  • John

    I hate to point this out, but on the pdf’s of the character cards, the Ninth Doctor is misspelled as the “Nineth” Doctor. Oops.

  • Allison Ewing-McDonald

    but the face of boe and Jack are supposed to be the same person? I guess its just suggested. This is still awesome. I wish i could buy this version. If i stumble upon the game, i’ll have to make it into this.

  • MariNYC81

    Is there anyway that you could sell these and ship me one?

  • Tabatha Jae Massingille

    I really want to make this for my sister but I can’t get any of the links to work :(

  • Richard Graham

    You are AMAZING! Thank you for this wonderfully inspired creation. I only hope I can even get near to making one this good. And thanks again :)

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    Would you make these and sell?

  • Ray

    Are these for sale? Because i would totally buy one.

  • Marianne Nichols

    Karen, you are amazing and this is a wonderful idea!!

  • Anonymous

    could you maybe make blanks for all the cards one of the things that drove be NUTS as a kid was the limited number of charicters with no way to swap them out for new ones

  • Anonymous

    if you can’t find the original Presman made a knock off called Who is it the boards are all wibbly wobbly too so bonus

    • Rachmb

      Did her card design work for the knockoff version?

  • Shasta

    I made one too! I wanted to add my favorite character, Clara, and I figured that I should add the new doctor too, so I redesigned the whole thing, box included. I like it so much, thank you for the idea!!

  • Melissa Lee

    Do you plan to update the game with Clara and 12?

  • RioGracia21

    Hey, is there any way you could make one and ship it to me? How much money would you want?

  • Anonymous

    Here is my version (using your cards) for the Guess Who Extra (electronic) game.

  • GingerR

    I was curious what software you used..? I would like to make a set for our Doctor Who teen club but I think it needs a few updates. If I have the same software you used I would love to have blank templates so I do not have to recreate it all. Yours look fantastic!

  • J.

    Ah-MAZ-ing!!! I also had picked up a couple of Guess Who’s at our local Goodwill with intent to do one, but my imaginings were nothing compared to your version! I am so inspired now. Can’t wait to get it started. You are so generous to share with us, and moake life easier, too! Thank you ever so much!!!

  • Cecilia Clark

    wow and wow and fantabulous and thank you

  • Jennifer Brandabur

    This is gorgeous. Thank you for your generous sharing! I am not a Whoovian myself, I’m making this for my son. Is the fourth Doctor here? That’s his favorite one. :)

  • Ronald Wai Phyo

    why are the file sizes so big?

  • AJ

    What program did you use to make the box cover? I am making one of a different fandom but cannot find anyone else in the universe who’s made a box as awesome as yours.