Harry Potter Photography

While I was going through some old hard drives recently, I came across this project that I did for a digital photo class at RISD in 2010, and I liked it so much that I wanted to share it again. I don’t remember what the actual assignment was, but I had decided to take a series of photos that illustrated key moments in the Harry Potter books by photocopying and cutting out the chapter illustrations and mixing them with 3D materials. This is one of my favorite projects I did while at school, so thanks for reading and letting me share it with you!

Walking into the Forbidden Forest

The seven horcruxes

Retrieving the locket horcrux

Harry fights the dementors

Touching the prophecy for the first time

The Ravenclaw ghost

Snape’s character duality

  • This is amazing! It looks so beautiful and it’s so well photographed. <3 I really wonder how you did this. 

  • Moony

    It’s like the pages literally coming to life!
    Reminds me of the Jo Rowling announcement for Pottermore which had that animation using book pages. Major props to you!!

  • Stefanie Wille

    I really love these!