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DIY Ampersand & Interrobang Pillows

My new video today is a craft tutorial on how to make ampersand and interrobang pillows! I had been sleeping on a typography pillow that I got at Urban Outfitters years ago, and I didn’t think it would be too hard to make my own. I did end up being a rather tedious process sewing…

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The 4 Hour Apartment Makeover

While I was at YouTube NextUp, there was a set that was being torn down at the end of the week. The set was of a gross bachelor pad apartment, so I asked if I could make a video redecorating the set to try to turn it into a nice apartment. They let me do…

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DIY Paint Chip Rainbow Garlands

Today’s video is a new craft project – DIY Paint Chip Rainbow Garlands! I was inspired by these Easter Egg paint chip garlands and wanted to make a version that could be displayed all year long. I think they came out super cute, and are just the right pop of color for spring. Check out…

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Reorganizing My Craft Supplies

For today’s video, I wanted to show you guys how I reorganized all of my craft supplies. Ever since Thanksgiving, they’ve been in a huge mess, and I needed to completely rethink the space so that I could get everything to fit. The biggest change was moving all of my fiction books to a dresser…

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Black and White Background

For today’s video, I once again redid my vlogging background. I’m planning to bring some color back for the spring in a few months, but for now, I only used black and white to make a really high-contrast design. Keep reading for more photos of the whole space!

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