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Ok, wow. I completely forgot to update this last week. Well, actually I didn’t forget, I just realized every time I was about to, that I didn’t really have any ideas for posts. But I’ve come up with a few for this week, so hopefully they’ll come out okay and I can post a few…


Update Fail and Links

Yeah, so I kind of failed at updating this week. I just feel bad always posting old stuff, since it seems like kind of a cop-out. But the trouble is, the only new stuff I’m really doing at the moment is for my internship and I’m not allowed to post it online. So it’s kind…

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I said in the last post that I would share some other drawings here. These are probably the only ones you’ll see since the rest are kind of embarassing how terrible they are. I don’t know, maybe my standards are too high, since half my friends at RISD are illustration majors and they’re all incredibly…


John Green Drawing

Most of you have probably seen the video I posted of drawing John Green, but if not, here it is: And here is a scan of the final drawing: As I said in the beginning of that video, I usually hate to draw. I understand how some people can find it relaxing, but I just…

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Today I’d like to share what I did last week at my internship, which was making e-cards. It’s really exciting because a lot of people will see these and send them, and how well they’re designed might play a factor in whether someone sends one, which could cost the charity a donation, which was also…

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Unfinished art

Today I’d like to share some art that I started a while ago and don’t really plan on finishing anytime soon. However, I think they still have some potentional so I’d like to share them. First is this Illustrator piece that I was working on in August 2006 to enter into one of these contests….

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Cheesiness Alert

What’s this? A new blog post? Well, I’m really sorry I didn’t post for the past few days; I just started an internship in New York City, which means I leave the house at 7:30AM and don’t get back until 7 at night three days a week. It’s exhausting but I love it, which is…