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DFTBA Button

A few weeks ago, Alan Lastufka messaged me on Skype and asked me to design a button for DFTBA Records saying “Imagine me complexly.” Seeing as how it was the end of summer and I really wanted to procrastinate from packing, I did it right away, and a few hours later presented him with this…

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Round-up of Week 1 at RISD

I’ve concluded with certainty that this semester at RISD is going to be very expensive. And busy. Don’t forget busy. I’m starting my 3rd year here, and I’m taking 3 studio classes and 1 liberal arts class. The required studios for graphic design majors are Making Meaning (which meets twice a week) and Color, and…

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New post? What?

Um, hey guys. Remember this? I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in a month. It’s just that I’ve been in the middle of several large projects that won’t be ready for a while, and all the stuff that’s short-term is secret for now. However, since classes are starting again, I’ll be much more prolific in…

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