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“Take Me Home” EP Cover

Here is the cover I just finished (this morning, actually) for Paul (songsfrompaul)’s new EP Take Me Home, which can be downloaded for free at Paul wanted the imagery to feature a man walking away in the rain, and I decided that using watercolors as the medium would compliment his music style well. I…

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Simultaneous Contrast!

For Color class, we had to do a project on simultaneous contrast, or the effect that happens when you put different colors next to each other. We had to make a light gray and medium gray look the same by manipulating the background colors, and the same with medium and dark gray. Then we expanded…

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Nature Lab Photography

I should have more graphic design work to show you guys soon (I’m almost done with a color project which should go up next week) but for now here’s more photography. The assignment for this week was to photograph a place, so I chose RISD’s Nature Lab. If you have any questions, let me know….

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