Monthly Archives: January 2010

YouTube Wallpaper

When I made my 1000 Subscribers video, I decided to also give everyone a little gift to thank them for subscribing. So, I took a few hours and designed this wallpaper using the lyrics that I wrote for A Whole New YouTube. I didn’t really have much of a plan going into it, I just…

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Making the Miniature Paper Towns

After posting a video on Sunday in which I made a miniature version of Paper Towns, I got lots of comments and messages in which people asked for help in making one of their own. So, I come to you in this magical blog post with all the answers you could ever want. (Actually, that’s…

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Site updates

After meaning to be finished pretty much every day since December 27th, I’ve finally finished updating my site with all my work from Fall semester. A lot of it I’ve posted here before, but some of it is final projects which most of you haven’t seen yet. I’ll post below some of my favorite new…

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