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Knightley Academy Website

A few months ago (I know I know, I need to start blogging more often), Violet Haberdasher, author of the book Knightley Academy, asked me to redesign the official website for the book. The book deals with the adventures of Henry Grim, a young orphan who ends up at Knightley Academy, where he will train…

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Zombicorns Book Design

A few weeks ago, John Green finally finished the Zombie Apocalypse novella he had promised to write for the Project for Awesome raffle. He sent it to me to design into a PDF, which would be emailed to everybody who bought a raffle ticket. I was the first person besides him to read it, which…

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Introducing my Degree Project

At RISD, every graphic design senior must complete a degree project during the spring semester. I chose to focus mine on YouTube, and the visual identities of the various members of the community. You can hear more about the project in the video above, and then check out the high quality version of the poster…

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