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Degree Project – Week One

It is week one of the the spring semester, which means it is time to get to work on my degree project. If you’re a new visitor to the site or you don’t remember what I had posted a few weeks ago, my initial proposal is above. (Click the image to see it larger.) Since…

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Musings from the Wood Shop

Last week, I finished my six-week stint as a woodworker after I took a Woodworking with Handtools class during Wintersession. This class was offered by the Industrial Design department, and I jumped at the chance to take a 3D class for the first time basically since freshman year. It was a bit of an adjustment,…

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Manticess CD Designs

In November, I was contacted by the German band Manticess asking if I would design the packaging for their album God Save the Writer. I loved the music they sent me so I was happy to take on the project. The photograph they provided me with for the cover featured a very strong circular shape,…

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