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Merry Christmas!

To finish off this 12 Days of Christmas project, I made a video recapping everything I’ve posted so far from my Christmas-decorated house in New Jersey. Unfortunately I’m sick and can’t talk without sounding like a dying cat, so I had to mime everything and include subtitles. But I hope you all have a lovely…

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Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2013

It’s finally here! After posting the original Don’t Break the Chain calendar design back in May, I’ve gotten questions almost every single day about if I’ll make a full-year version for 2013. And so, due to popular demand, here it is. Download the PDF. Reblog this on Tumblr. If you’re new here and are completely…

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Nerdfighter Mad Libs

For Day 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas Project, I’ve written some Nerdfighter Mad Libs. I used to love Mad Libs books when I was a kid, so why not make some that are YouTube and nerdfighter themed? If you’ve never played, you’re going to need a friend to do it with. Before they…

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Creative Ways to Wrap Christmas Presents

For today’s Christmas craft video, I decided to show some creative ways to wrap presents. I think I might like wrapping gifts even more than shopping for them. It just shows the person that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into their present if you’ve also taken the time to present it well….

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Christmas Playlist 2013

Check out the full playlist! For today’s 12 Days of Christmas entry, I wanted to share a YouTube playlist that I made featuring my favorite Christmas videos and TV shows and movies! However, rather than just making a playlist of other people’s videos, I also made some interstitial videos to introduce the different sections of…

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