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DIY Magazine Holders

In last week’s video, I showed you guys how I reorganized my craft supplies and my bookshelves, but when I got to organizing my magazines, I didn’t really have a good method, beyond an ugly cereal box magazine holder I made in about two seconds. So this week, I thought I would show you guys…

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I’m Vlogging Here Infographics

If you saw my blog post from a few days ago, you know that I’ve been doing design work for the upcoming documentary I’m Vlogging Here, which is being produced by Shay Carl and Corey Vidal. They’re currently raising money for the documentary on IndieGoGo, and they asked me to make a few infographics to…

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Reorganizing My Craft Supplies

For today’s video, I wanted to show you guys how I reorganized all of my craft supplies. Ever since Thanksgiving, they’ve been in a huge mess, and I needed to completely rethink the space so that I could get everything to fit. The biggest change was moving all of my fiction books to a dresser…

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Josh Sundquist Quote Graphic

A few weeks ago, YouTuber and motivational speaker Josh Sundquist emailed me asking if I could illustrate one his quotes so he could put it on Tumblr – “Success shapes ego, failure shapes character.” This is a great quote so I was happy to help. The design is pretty simple, but I like to be…

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Men of YouTube Calendar 2013

Is this not the best calendar that has ever existed? Back in November, Hank Green and Jenni Powell emailed me asking if I could design the Men of YouTube calendar they were putting together to sell during the Project for Awesome and of course I had to do it. If you didn’t manage to get…

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DFTVA – Don’t Forget to Vote, America

Back in November I got an email from Hank Green asking if I could design some elements for a new campaign he and the Harry Potter Alliance were launching – DFTVA, or Don’t Forget to Vote, America. The election was coming up, and no matter who you were voting for, Hank and the HPA wanted…

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Custom Rubber Stamps!

Ever since I saw Nubby Twiglet’s blog post from May 2012 about her custom rubber stamps, I’ve had it in the back of my mind that I wanted some custom stamps too. I mentioned custom stamps as a gift idea in my Holiday Gift Guide for Graphic Designers, and then for Christmas, my parents surprised…

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I’m Vlogging Here!

A few days ago Corey Vidal contacted me about designing a teaser graphic for a documentary he’s producing with ShayCarl, I’m Vlogging Here. I really admire everything ShayCarl has done over the last couple of years, and the documentary sounds fantastic, so of course I was happy to help.

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Wonderly Introduction and Logo

Today I’m so excited to tell you guys about a new project I’m involved in, Wonderly! This is a new program by the YouTube network Big Frame, and it brings together tons of your favorite women on YouTube. I had the opportunity to design the Wonderly logo, so I wanted to take you guys through…

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Latest YouTube Videos

I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately that don’t all need their own separate blog posts, so I thought I would group them all together into one. Above is today’s main channel video, all about the history of Pantone color, and keep reading for the rest of the videos I’d posted this week.

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Black and White Background

For today’s video, I once again redid my vlogging background. I’m planning to bring some color back for the spring in a few months, but for now, I only used black and white to make a really high-contrast design. Keep reading for more photos of the whole space!

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How to Design a Resume

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about resumes, so I thought I’d make a video compiling all of my resume tips in one place. I talk about how to design your resume, some little tricks for making it look more professional, and some ideas for how to pad out a resume if you don’t…

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A Look Back at 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to 2013! Unfortunately I’m still sick with a sore throat (it got better after Christmas but then New Years Eve happened and now it’s terrible again). So even though I can’t make a video yet about my new year’s resolutions, I wanted to gather up all the best stuff I made…

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