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You never know what you can get until you ask

A few days ago, I got an email from a 15 year old girl named Gemma with the subject “A Slightly Daring Request”. Gemma is an aspiring illustrator and she asked if I had any old design work that I could send her. I don’t usually get emails that are quite so direct, so I…

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Crafts Inspired by Toddly00

For today’s video, I decided to draw inspiration from a fellow YouTuber and friend of mine, Toddly00, and the video he recently posted, Arts & Crafts With Todd. In this video, he shows you how to make a percussion musical instrument and a party hat using only common materials found around the house. His were…

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Cool Places in Los Angeles

Before my week at YouTube NextUp, I spent a few days in Los Angeles with Robyn Schneider, and we got up to a ton of fun adventures. Check out some of my favorite places we went to in the photos after the jump!

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The Brain Scoop

If you haven’t been watching The Brain Scoop on YouTube, you are seriously missing out. This channel, which stars Emily Graslie and is produced by Michael Aranda, is all about the collection of skulls and taxidermied animals in the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum on the University of Montana campus. I was asked to do…

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New Ampersand Necklaces

They’re finally here! After waiting forever for the laser cutting to be finished and then working really hard to assemble them, the next round of ampersand necklaces and key chains are for sale on DFTBA! There are two new designs – first is the Caslon italic ampersand, which you can see in the background of…

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