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Clue: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Edition

My new project is finally done – A Hunger Games: Catching Fire version of the board game Clue! It’s been a while since I made the Doctor Who Guess Who game, and I though it was time to make another board game parody. With the new Catching Fire movie coming out, I thought a version…

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How to Dress Like Your Ford Fiesta

For October’s Ford Fiesta mission, I decided to make a Halloween costume based on my Ford Fiesta (I know it’s way past Halloween now, but the video was only just approved by Ford to post!). I went to thrift stores to get supplies, and then did a photoshoot with the costume. Keep reading to see…

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New Ampersands Poster and Bookmarks

I know I’ve been talking about this like crazy on my videos, but I wanted to make a post here as well with some pretty pictures of my new merchandise! Both the poster and the bookmarks are available for pre-order now and will ship in time for Christmas, so head over to DFTBA to get…

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