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DIY Stuffed Animal Taxidermy

My newest DIY project is a little weird, but that’s what I like about it. I decided to make some stuffed animal taxidermy to hang on the wall. It came out looking a bit like something you could put in a toddler’s room, so all you new parents out there, here’s a craft project both…

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DIY Duct Tape and Leather Luggage Tags

It’s time for another DIY video, all about making luggage tags. If you have a generic-looking suitcase, luggage tags are a must to be able to tell yours apart from the masses, and they can also be customized into fashion accessories. Today I decided to make two versions – one out of duct tape and…

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The Men and Women of YouTube Calendars 2014

This year I was happy to be asked to design the Men and Women of YouTube Calendars again. We sold them during the 2013 Project for Awesome and raised a ton of money for charity. I had a lot of fun putting them together, so keep reading for more insights into how I designed them.

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The Saga of the Broken Forever21 Bracelet

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3 Ways to Re-Use Business Cards

You guys may remember that last year I was a Fiesta Agent. Well, they sent each of us business cards that we could give out, except that I don’t think I ever gave out a single card. That left me with 1,000 cards that I had nothing to do with, so I decided to try…

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