Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2013

It’s finally here! After posting the original Don’t Break the Chain calendar design back in May, I’ve gotten questions almost every single day about if I’ll make a full-year version for 2013. And so, due to popular demand, here it is.

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If you’re new here and are completely lost about what it is all about, back in May, Charlie McDonnell posted a video called Don’t Break the Chain, where he shares the technique he uses to be sure he does a bit of work every day. He prints out calendars like these for each thing he wants to do, whether it’s work on a video or exercise, and for every day that he does that activity, he crosses off the day on the calendar. This creates a visual chain on the calendar so your motivation becomes seeing how long you can keep the chain going.

Good luck to everyone who uses this to motivate yourself, especially if it’s for one of your New Years Resolutions! If you can’t wait and want to get started now, you can still download the 2012 version from this blog post. And if you’ve been using that one since May, let me know on Twitter or Tumblr how it’s been going for you!

This is also the second to last day in my 12 Days of Christmas series, where I’ve been posting new content every single day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve. Look out for a video on my YouTube channel tomorrow recapping the whole project, or if you want start getting caught up now, all of the previous entries are down below. Happy holidays!

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  • Thanks so much for posting this! Not only do I hope to put this into practice, I’ve also told a couple of people who are intrigued by the idea. :) 

  • Karen, Karen, Karen!! I do really love you for making this. Thank you! But I prefer having Sunday as the last day in a week, so I changed it by hand (though I’d really like it if you made two versions of it. One with the week starting on a monday and one starting on a sunday. It doesn’t look as elegant after I scribbled all over it) 
    BUT I realized you made a mistake!! Not that it’s the end of the word or anything. But there’s two Oct 12 and Oct 13 doesn’t exist. (I tried to attach an image)
    hugs x

  • swimmerjan

    I was so excited about starting this today. Unfortunately, when I download and try to print the calendar, it only prints a blank page (it looks blank in the print preview too). I’m sure it is a problem on my end, but I don’t know what it would be. Has anyone had this problem, and how have they fixed it?

  • Thanks for sharing, it’s going to keep me motivated :)

  • I love the template, thank you! I will eventually have a couple posted at home and I just taped up my work one Love this idea a lot.

  • Karen Douglas

    I printed out the first version in May and am super excited that you’ve made a 2013 edition! Hopefully this helps me get better habits this year.

  • Karen!  I commented on your 2012 calendar hoping for a new one, and I’m so happy that you made a 2013 one!  It’s such a downer when calendars are ugly, and I’m glad that I’ll get to look at/work with your beautiful calendar everyday this year :) Thanks!

  • Hey Karen! I love this idea and I’ve been using it to a fair amount of success so far this year. I actually blogged about it today, too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sophie

    Okay, so I really love this. I’ve been working on writing a book on and off for about three years, and the only way I’ll actually get something done is if I literally force myself, and so this is really helpful. Especially since I’m OCD in the sense that if I don’t have an X on every day, it’s going to bug the crap out of me. So thank you for posting one for 2013. I can see progress already and I’ve only been doing this for 6 days. :) 

  • Emm

    Thanks Karen this is gorgeous!

  • nage

    After reading this, I made my own calendar starting August 2013! :D This is a grant idea. I just wish a day had more hours to do all the stuff I want to. :))

  • Tim Mackey

    Thanks for the calendar, Karen! I just noticed a typo though—October 13th is missing, it says October 12th twice.

  • Hannah

    Will you make a “Don’t break the chain 2014” calendar?