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Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2017 ~ Free Motivational Tool Printable

It’s finally here! You guys have been asking me for months if I’d be making a Don’t Break the Chain calendar for 2017 and of course the answer is yes! If you’re not familiar with the calendar, it’s a motivational tool where you pick a goal of something you want to do every day (for example, going for a run or practicing an instrument). Once you do it on that day, you cross off that day on the calendar, and eventually you’ll have built up such a long chain that you won’t want to break it by skipping a day. Keep reading for the free printable and also for a NEW expanded version of the calendar!

The design of this year’s calendar is pretty similar to last year’s with one major change – I removed the “time” line. If you still want to do something for a certain amount of time, you can definitely write that on the activity line (for example, write your novel for 30 minutes a day). But, if yours isn’t as time based (for example, run a mile every day), than I thought it looked a bit cluttered.

Here is the black and white PDF to download and print.

And here are the colors:

But wait, there’s more! I also designed an expanded version of the calendar, with room to write a little note on each day. If your goal activity is more broad, for example to do some form of exercise every day, then this lets you keep track of exactly what you’ve done. If you come up with other creative ways to use it, I’d love to see pictures!

Download the 3-page PDF here.

I hope you guys like this calendar and the new expanded calendar I came up with! I’d love to see photos of your completed 2016 calendars, so feel free to tag me in those on Twitter and Instagram!

In the meantime, I have lots of Christmas DIYs going up on my YouTube channel and Facebook page, so if you haven’t been watching over there, I’d love it if you checked it out! Happy Holidays and Happy 2017!