Roommate Does my DIY Voiceover ~ DIY Glitter Bowls

Today’s video is super fun because I filmed and edited the DIY and then asked my roommate to do my voiceover! This is a common video in the makeup community, but I thought it would be fun to do it for a DIY project too. I think Rob’s voiceover is so funny, so keep reading to watch the full video!

Even though this is a comedy video, I still do like how the projects came out. This glitter bowl was almost a fail because the balloon deflated overnight, but I managed to stretch it out over a real bowl to save it!


I think my mistake was putting too many layers of the glitter paste on it without letting it dry completely between the layers. Lesson learned for next time!

The second project was much more straightforward – I just cut out circles from tissue paper and used a balloon and Mod Podge to make this cute bowl. I love how colorful it is, with the little bits of gold poking through!


I think these glitter and tissue paper bowls came out so cute, and I think Rob did a great job attempting his best at a DIY voiceover. Thanks so much for reading!