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Vlogbrothers Video Graphics

Every so often, I’ll get a message from John Green asking me to design some graphics for his new video. I’ve compiled all of those graphics from the past few months, so read on and let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

(seen at 0:40)

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First is a photo manipulation I made after John asked me to illustrate “dandy lions.” The way I went about it was to find photos of lion sculptures and paste the heads onto drawings of dandy men, and then manipulate the colors to form one cohesive image. I borrowed the background texture from some of the LeakyCon resources, and I think it came out quite dandy (that was awful).

(Animation seen at 1:38)

This animation of Lebron James isn’t necessarily my favorite piece, but it’s notable because I designed it while sitting in the hotel lobby at Playlist Live, waiting for my friend to pick me up for the airport to head home. I literally finished it with only a few minutes to spare, but the lobby of a YouTube conference certainly seemed the most appropriate place to be making graphics for YouTube.

(Animation seen at 0:14)

This Google Search Intro was fun to make, if a bit tedious compiling so many screenshots. (If you look at each frame, it’s obvious I was at RISD when designing it, since a lot of the suggestions are things in Providence.) John originally just wanted one image, but I had the idea to animate it in AfterEffects and I think the animation adds a lot to it. Also in that video is this venn diagram, which is definitely not something you can argue with.

(seen at 1:02)

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When making this Goods Exchanged for a Single Bulb of the Viceroy List graphic, I had just downloaded that script font and was eager to use it, and this image was the perfect place.

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(seen at 0:15)

The graphics for the Education Continuum video were quite fun to make, especially since it was a welcome procrastination from homework. John was going to be asleep by the time I designing everything, so he just had me add the graphics to the video myself and upload it to the Vlogbrothers channel when I was done. It was a bit nerve-wracking uploading a video that was going to be seen thousands of times in the first few minutes and hundreds of thousands of times in the next few days. But I think everyone liked it, and seemed to forgive that I originally spelled psychology wrong (it was my fault, not John’s!). The video certainly did get seen – I even got an email from my sister that one of her teachers from high school had seen it and emailed her about seeing my name in the description.

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(seen at 2:53)

I don’t only do graphics work for John Green though – a few weeks ago I got an email from Elmify asking if I could make her a photo manipulation of the head of Jeff Bridges, the body of Justin Timberlake, and the eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal, holding a classic novel, a cake, and a sign that says I Love You. Of course I couldn’t turn down such a hilarious request, and you can see the resulting (and slightly frightening) image above.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome any comments!