Collaged Map Wine Bottle

Over the past few months, I’ve had a lot of fun creating decorative wine bottles, so I wanted to make a video showing everyone how to make my favorite one – the map collage bottle. I’ve been really inspired by content posted to various map-related Tumblrs lately, and collaging the maps in this way makes for a really interesting and beautiful texture. I also had fun using the macro lens I borrowed from a friend, and may have gone a bit overboard with the gratuitous focusing. But, I hope you enjoy the video and additional photos below, and let me know if you decide to make one!

  • Gry

    Just had to write a comment to tell you
    how awesome I think your blog/videos are :) I’ve just started studying graphic
    design, and I love it!Thanx for an inspiring blog! :D 

  • Monica Carr

    I recently started making paper flowers with one of my friends and I’m totally stealing this collaged wine bottle idea to hold them. :-)  

  • Winrwhite

    we love this map collage wine bottle idea – thanks !  can we just use elmers glue ?

    • Heather Rogers

      Any PVA type glue should work. But do glaze/varnish after as PVA glue – like that used in the video – will yellow with time.

  • Jenny

    If you were to make this with photos around the bottle instead of the map will it work? Or will the ink come out of the photos and run

  • Mary

    Wow, this actually looks great! I’ve done something similar to this bottle, but I’ve found the paper goes on easier if first the torn paper is dipped into water first to break down the fibers a bit. Lay pieces down on a paper towel so they’re not soaking wet, then apply to the bottle with a decoupage medium like Mod Podge or even Elmer’s Glue. Once dry (I put the covered bottle into an oven, set to 175 degrees, then once the oven’s temp meets 175, turn it off and wait until the bottle cools down) seal the bottle with Gloss Mod Podge or varnish that’s acid free.

  • Julie Roy

    I Love this!!!!!