I began making YouTube videos in early 2008, and fell in love with video production. Through the years my production values and editing have just kept improving, and my videos have evolved through many different genres. These days my main channel, focuses on crafting, graphic design, and other random nerdy subjects. I am signed with the network Big Frame, who help to organize advertisements, product placements, and collaborations. As of the writing of this page, I have over 33,000 subscribers and over 2.4 million video views.

Besides my main channel, I also have a second channel, where I post vlogs and other videos that no longer belong on my main channel. And I also have a third channel karenswrockvideos, where I upload videos of music performances I attend.

I shoot my videos on a Canon T3i with a standard zoom lens and a macro lens. I edit my videos in Adobe Premiere CS6, occasionally using Adobe AfterEffects for more complex shots.

The videos on my main channel can be split up into six main categories – Crafting and DIY, Graphic Design, YouTube, Video Blogs, Art School, and Harry Potter. Keep reading to see the best videos in each category, and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to be notified whenever I post a new video!

Graphic Design Videos – Watch the full playlist

The History of Pantone Color
Pantone color swatches have been taking over the graphic design world, so I did some research into where it came from and the history of standardized color.

How to Design a Business Card
Following up How to Design a Logo and How to Design a Resume, the next logical video was all about designing business cards. I give some tips and tricks to follow to make the most professional and creative business card you can.

How to hire a freelance graphic designer
After leaving my job at YouTube and returning to freelance design work full-time, I made a video explaining how to hire a freelance designer and what kind of information they would need, giving plenty of examples of things NOT to say.

Graphic Design Without a Computer: Part 1
I often get questions from viewers about how they can learn graphic design if they can’t afford expensive computer programs, so I put together this three part series that explains some of the basic concepts of graphic design using projects that are entirely off of the computer. Be sure to also check out Part 2 and Part 3!

Comic Sans: What’s all the fuss about?
After Gunnarolla wrote the hilarious song The Comic Sans Song, I decided to make a video explaining the history of Comic Sans and why it is so hated by designers. After that video did very well, I made a follow-up video explaining why Papryus is the other most hated font in the world.

How to Design a Logo
One of my most viewed graphic design videos to date is How to Design a Logo, in which I explain the different types of logos and how to go about designing one. Other similar intro videos I’ve made have included How to Learn Graphic Design, An Intro to Color Theory, and An Intro to Typography.

Crafting and DIY Videos – Watch the full playlist

DIY Springtime Paint Chip Garlands
With spring creeping up on us again, I wanted to show an easy craft project that would bring in bright pops of color to any room, using only color swatches and string. Check out the blog post for more photos!

Reorganizing My Craft Supplies
After my big craft supply haul over Christmas, my craft supply nook was a huge mess. In this video, I showed how I rearranged and organized all of my supplies so I can get to them easily. Check out the blog post for more before and after pictures of the space.

Creative Ways to Wrap Christmas Presents
I did a whole series of Christmas-related videos, and in this crafting video, I showed some creative ways to wrap Christmas presents. These methods don’t only have to be used for Christmas though, they could be used for birthdays or any other gift-giving holiday. Be sure to check out the blog post for more photos if you want to try any of these methods yourself!

How I Made My Ampersand Necklace
When I launched the first round of ampersand necklaces and key chains that I sell on DFTBA, I wanted to make a video showing how I put each one together. Check out the blog post for more photos of the necklaces and this video where I explain the history of the ampersand!

Giant Ampersand and a New Wall Collage
I had one last blank wall in my apartment to decorate, so I decided to make a giant ampersand out of cardboard and film a time lapse of putting the entire wall together. Check out the blog post for more photos of the finished wall.

Making Costume Glasses with Tyler Oakley
For the second video in my Halloween Crafting Series, my friend and fellow vlogger Tyler Oakley came over and we decorated movie theater 3D glasses into fun costume glasses. Be sure to also check out the blog post and deleted scenes video.

Making of the Doctor Who Guess Who Set
After posting the Doctor Who Guess Who mock commercial, I put up a video showing how I made the custom game set. Check out the making of blog post for even more behind the scenes photos!

Wall Collage Time Lapse
After moving into my new apartment, I had a large empty wall that I wanted to fill with a big collage which has since become my vlogging background, so I made a time lapse video of the process of putting it up. Check out the blog post for more photos of the collage!

How to Make Papercraft Typography
After making a papercraft version of the Google logo for the video I made about the Google Chromebook, I got tons of requests asking how to make them, so I made this video showing how. Check out the blog post for more detailed instructions, and check out the video How to Make a Collaged Map Wine Bottle for a similar project!

The Fault in Our Stars Miniaturized
After The Fault in Our Stars, the latest book from New York Times Bestselling Author John Green, was released, I reprised the video Making a Mini Paper Towns to make a mini TFioS.

Video Blogs – Watch the full playlist

Hanging out With YouTubers! NextUp 2013 Vlog
In 2013, I was accepted into a program called YouTube NextUp, in which 30 creators are flown to LA for two one-week workshops to learn video production skills and collaborate on videos. Above you can see the video blog I put together about the first workshop, and you can also check out the videos I made while at NextUp:
YouTubers You Don’t Want to Date
Deciding the Color of the Year 2014
Don’t Stretch Your Typography // A Graphic Design PSA
For more videos I’m in, check out this playlist of videos on other people’s channels that I appear in.

A Very Wonderly Vlog
I am a part of a new network launched by Big Frame called Wonderly, which celebrates and brings together female YouTubers. The video above is about the weekend of the Wonderly launch party, where we did a photoshoot and collaborated on videos together.

Things I’m Paranoid About
Sometimes I want to stray outside of topics like design and crafting and just talk about weird things in my life. In this video I list some strange things that I get very paranoid about!

Videos About YouTube – Watch the full playlist

How to Design for the New YouTube Channels
When YouTube rolled out the new channel designs in March 2013, I put together a video explaining how to design for the new banner space, which has a lot of different requirements than the previous channel layouts. The video was featured on New Media Rockstars as well as 2 Create a Website. Check out my blog post about it for a free downloadable PSD template of the channel banner.

Why I Left My Job at YouTube
After I left my job at YouTube in September 2012, I made a video explaining why and what will be coming up next. You can also check out the video I made when I first got the job.

How to VidCon: 10 Tips and Tricks
I loved going to the first two VidCons, so right before the third annual YouTube conference, I made this video sharing some tips and tricks. Even though some of them are fairly VidCon-specific, most of the tips can be applied to other conferences as well. Be sure to also check out the video I made about how much fun VidCon 2012 was!

Art School Videos – Watch the full playlist

My RISD Portfolio
I get a lot of emails asking for advice on what to include in a portfolio when applying to art school, so I made a video where I showed all of my work from when I applied to RISD. I split it up into two sections so the video wouldn’t get too long: Designs and Drawing. Keep in mind that this work was done when I was in high school, and I like to think I’ve improved since then!

How to Get a Graphic Design Internship
One of the most important parts of a graphic design education is doing internships, so I made this video to explain the timeline and process for applying and selecting your graphic design internship. Hopefully most of the same information can apply to other art majors as well!

Thoughts from RISD Graduation
During my last week as a student at RISD, I made a Thoughts From Places video about what I was feeling during my last few days, and I vlogged the actual graduation itself!

So You Want to Go to Art School
I get a lot of questions about applying for art school, so I made this video covering the basics. If you’ve already been accepted, you may want to watch the follow-up video So You’re Going to Art School.

Harry Potter Videos – Watch the full playlist

How to Pack for LeakyCon
Right before the Harry Potter conference LeakyCon 2012, I made this comedic video inspired by Jenna Marbles about everything you need to pack to be fully prepared for LeakyCon. Be sure to also check out the video I made after LeakyCon about how awesome it was!

The Slytherin Myth
After Pottermore was first opened, I made a video about how happy I was to be sorted into Slytherin, the house I’ve identified with for years, and trying to clear up a few of the myths about the house.

Thanks so much for checking out my videos! If you enjoyed them, be sure to head on over to my channel and subscribe so you don’t miss any more videos I put out in the future!